Mambo number jive?

Tuned into C-SPAN to see Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s new nominee for President of the United States, give a surprisingly inspiring acceptance speech to a sellout crowd at the Democratic National Convention’s last night in Denver, Colorado this evening.  More specifically, I hung out in the music room all evening, slipped into my “last night” black lace-trimmed panties and a comfortable nightie, grabbed a guitar and worked on a few original jazz/fusion compositions to bookend the speech. 

When I was growing up, I was clearly bamboozled into believing that people could live together in peace; naively I wrote derogatory letters to Ronald Reagan about the shithole he was creating in this country with his rolling back important regulations, his deficit spending and big corporate giveaways, his nuclear proliferation, and his saber-rattling at the Soviets.  I came along just in time to be cynical about the “Just say no” to drugs campaign of his horrendous wife, just in time to question authority – including my parents.  In time to notice that there were an awful lot of black men going to jail for victimless drug use and possession crimes, and the rise of a foretelling supernationalism.  the only thing he didn’t get was his 9/11, things would have ended up just the same.  He didn’t get around to inventing his own pEARL fUCKING hARBOR, he lost his marbles before someone could explain the bit, and hand him his cue cards.  Tsk.

Anyway, will remain to be seen if this cat is for real, or if he’s conducting an enormous scam on somebody.  Scam numero uno is all teed up already – people are out there projecting their greatest hopes and dreams on the man, hoping he lives up to 1/1 of their expectations — this when he’s already pledged allegiance to Israel, and promised us an extended engagement in Afghanistan.  Ironically, another vivid memory of my young manhood.  Scam numero dos es cuando Barack shivs all the corporations that buy his fingers-crossed-behind-his-back populism by actually aiming for the history books as the next great american New Dealer in some of our darker hours.  It’s a lock that he’s one of our greatest presidents if he spearheads marching on a Democratic Congress to change the money culture in Washington.  What I think would be outrageous justice is if he gets in, forces public financing of campaigns, and eased ballot access for third parties, in his first 100 days he immediately decriminalizes marijuana, brings the troops home to put them to work repairing bridges (that work simply cannot be outsourced), and turns us all into dope farmers for the greater common good.

I don’t know why Obama sparks the imagination, but he does, and even the cynical can fall victim.


Had a good week this week, generally speaking, although wifey and I are not currently . . . C’est la guerre.


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