McCain throws race, senility takes hold

Ok.  No one has said it yet, at least not that I’ve read, and I’ve been looking.  Here it is.  Everyone is asking WHY McCain chose this perky, but as yet unknown woman sporting the librarian’s bun hairdo (when was the last time you saw that?), and the glasses that seem worn only to suggest a keen intellect.  The alluring, and effusive Maria Bartiromo on CNBC interviewed Sarah Palin for nearly an hour yesterday, and the more she talked — and she talked a lot, like non-stop, like the energizer MILF-bunny of talkety-talk-talk-talk — the more I didn’t like her.  She seems scared to stop talking, and, more importantly, really very short on ideas that will work, and long on support for George W. Bush.  Pity.

McCain, I realized very quickly, is being tossed to the wolves by the party godheads — they know he’s not going to win, has no chance against the Obama juggernaut, and that he’s not even the least bit appealing to most any sentient voter (whom we’ll refer to as “the 51%).  He chose Sarah Palin precisely because she lacks experience, and because it would be completely unacceptable for an inexperienced party hack to be in a position to take the presidential reins when McCain finally succombs to cancer in year two of his first term (you heard it here first).  They know McCain can’t win, and so does he.  So what does he do?  He decides he’s going to lose big, and he picks Palin.  Why does he want to ensure a loss for the GOP?

McCain wants to throw the game for the Repubs, and they want him to throw it, because this country is in such a screwed-up state that the Repubs don’t think Obama (especially with the timid,and hapless Democratic Congress) has a prayer of unraveling it all and getting us on the road to economic recovery, as well as recovery of our standing and rightful place in the international community of nations.  And the GOP wants to be ready to harp ad nauseum on Obama’s “failure” to fix: two wars, a failing economy built on a house of cards and a ‘disappeared’ industrial base; a political system in complete disarray, and awash in dirty money corruption; a global climate emergency.  If the GOP were to win, they’d have to try to fix things.  they simply couldn’t get away with four more years devolving into a “greatest hits” of the last 8.  And they know that the extent of the carnage created by W means that they can’t fix it, no way, no how — so they would rather not even put up a fight with the Dems, they’ll save their campaign war chest for mid-term elections of ought-’10, and for the ought-’12 contest.   To hell with McCain, party leaders are thinking – he’s been skewering the party regulars for years with his finger-in-your-eye “maverick” crap.  Time for some comeuppance – how ’bout the most lopsided victory against a Republican since GHWB in 1992?  Yes, yes.  Winning is too hard, so they’re throwing in the towel early.  McCain looks more and more like a wandering Alzheimers patient, or maybe he’s stoned out of his gourd on thorazine.  Very difficult to say, but neither possibility is very appealing for any of us.

You just wait, Sarah will let loose the bun when we least expect it, shake down her long hair, now loosely falling about her shoulders and the top of her well-covered breasts, licking her lips lightly as she approaches the microphone, tempting all the good Christian men still praying for a McCain miracle from the god that’s on OUR side.  Hate to break it to them . . .

Again, you heard it here first, folks.

Kisses, KM.



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