Hannah, Hold On

Reconciled with wifey over the weekend, was like pulling teeth to get her to talk to me.  This, of course, to someone who is not completely insane, would suggest that there is a deeper issue of trust at work, but feh- what is a man to do when she says, OK, I was wrong and I’m sorry . . .

I spent yesterday evening working on a track that Allan sent me as exemplary of his studio work with a new friend.  A couple hours went into adding a lead guitar track that overall and for the most part I was pleased with, except for a few measures that don’t yet sit well in the mix.  I think that I will have to actually write a part to squeeze into the space between his drum, piano, acoustic guitar, and bass lines – believe me, a very tight fit.  Like a 19 year old, to be a little crude about it.

Somehow, that led me to begin a new songwriting this morning, started it in my head after my morning walk/run, and just before I hit the shower, then I polished it once behind my desk again – wanderlust seems to be striking me hard, but here it is:

Hannah, hold on –

honey, why you so far gone?

The family photo in your mind

turned out to be wrong.

Hurtling toward the finish line

you know it won’t be long.

Hannah, hold on – just a little longer

take me in your hands, and I’ll take you in my arms

We’ll get you feeling stronger,

just hold on a little longer . . .


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