Lest we forget.

The Republicans’ ongoing spectacle in Minneapolis bears watching if only to shine a much-needed light on the depths to which they’ve fallen in a mere 8 years.  The party of Lincoln, and TR, is adrift in a sea of infighting and delusion.  While they still wheel out the mouldering carcass of the not-long departed actor-cum-godhead for adoration with predictable regularity, even the GOP is concerned that RWRs legacy has been co-opted by the hapless neocons.

Tis but an empty shell, yes?  He cut taxes, he defeated the Soviets!  But my god, Dutch, you ignored the threat of an economically powerful, nay, dominant China, and you did nothing to prepare America for that future challenge.  You chose investing our energy and treasure in fungible warstuffs at the expense of our roads, our schools, our scientists.  You encouraged the intertwining and co-dependency of religion – no, of the Christian faith – with the unholy workings of big-money, dirty politics.  You demonized your opponents (not your enemies), and you co-opted God for the petty greed of your contributors, for goodness’ sake. You turned a blind eye to the corruption of your closest allies, you placed party before all other considerations; you sacrificed the good of the many for the further advantage of the privileged few. Your policies, carried forward so proudly by your successors resulted in closed factories, substandard levees, lost opportunities, and a government so crippled by a thousand senseless, ill-considered, and even counterintuitive budget cuts, and so utterly derided and demoralized that it was unprepared and incapable of timely rendering even basic assistance in the aftermath of a routine Cat 4 storm, and a legacy of dashed hopes for a generation of poor, non-white, and non-well-to-do children.

No, the Republican Party’s biggest hero these days, other than the current, obligatory, but obtuse standard-bearer and his milf-y sidekick, is the unmemorable GHW Bush.  At least he garnered the longest ovation of the evening from the gathered faithful, the true believers, the right-to-lifers (being a generally respectful lass, I cheerfully refrain from referring to them, as might be fair, as the clueless, the greedheads, the low grade morons). Lest we ever forget, GHWB was so despised for his lame performance that he was swept out of office in a landslide of Clintonian proportions, such that he is but a footnote in any credible presidential reference, along the lines of Zachary Taylor.  And, lest we forget, from the loins of Poppy’s sodden neglect of the poor lads, borne o,f his sociopathic, tireless pursuit of self-aggrandizement and wealth, and Babs’ self-loathing — manifested as the endless, crushing invalidation of her dim-witted, bed-wetting spawn, sprung the miserable and unworthy Gollum currently squatting in our most sacred dwelling.  So cheer them on, wackos.  Raise your banner high for those wonderful Bushes, for all they’ve done for us.  HUZZAH. And by all means, don’t go a-changing on account of me.


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