Blunt truth about the situation.

Okay, so here are my thoughts about the situation we currently face.  If the Congress, the President ever try to take away our Social Security, our 401(k)/IRAs, our home mortgage interest tax deduction, or our basic freedoms, there will be a revolt in this country.  After spending trillions of dollars on war, and on bailing out the investment bankers, the Congress and the President better leave our Government functional and responsible, so that it is there FOR US when we need it to be there for us.  They better provide dependable, world class medical care to our soldiers, fighting men and women, and they better make our judicial system fair to one and all.  They can afford to guarantee healthcare to all.  They must stop the war, now, and hammer shields into plowshares – sell all that old bullet-pocked steel to China to meltdown and make into windmills, and bicycles.   If they don’t, I enjoy my work, and I’m going to keep on working and not sell my mutual fund shares for another 30 years.  See, my only loss is if I sell now – you cannot lose by being patient.  I lost a bunch of money selling in 2000 after the bubble burst, I learned patience – at the 52-week high, I tripled my remaining money (and nearly doubled my previous high) in 6 years.  Since we can’t believe a word out of the mouths of our politicians, public servants, and financiers, I don’t really trust them with my retirement funds.  So I’ll hurt them the only way I know how – hold my shares as long as I have to, squeeze them ’til the old eagles grin, as the song goes.  The only ones who get hurt are those who sell on the way up.  If you reinvest your dividends, it is the easiest money you can make.  But what is everyone else going to do? 

 Fuck em, I say.  I’ve learned to be a patient man, going to school til I’m 25, working hard all my life, never asked for anything to be handed to me, I am grateful for the things that were, through the good ness of my parents.  I’ll outlive this current rash of fuckers, I’ll shit on all their graves.


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