$10,000,000 here, $10,000,000 there – Pakistan out of control

Leafing through the Yahoo news tonight, there appeared an article describing the intentional destruction by Pakistani nationals, Taliban or their sympathizers, Radical Islamists (or as they would have been called in the old days, “freedom fighters”) of as many as 160 U.S. and NATO assets, mostly Humvees, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles at two apparently inadequately guarded supply stations near Peshawar, Pakistan.  That Pakistan has been an ally of this country goes without saying — but I fear that what we may be seeing is an evolution in its current status, to now be instigateur in an attempt at broadening or at least stoking the current middle eastern conflict into a “greater middle eastern” conflict.

This one, in my eyes, bears watching closely – folks here in the U.S., you have been served, as those are YOUR tax dollars smoldering in the dust out there in Peshawar.  There are U.S. soldiers out there who were waiting on Humvees both for use in the field, and for use in an eventual evacuation of the middle east theater.  So how are they supposed to get out now, if that’s what President Obama decides would need to happen?

Mark my words, what better way for Cheney, and this twisted, waning Bush administration to make things difficult for the new guy than to severely damage one escape route for a bunch of troops?  Or maybe, out of an abundance of reverse psychology, maybe the Cheney/Bushies want us to get riled up at this humiliation like a modern day Lusitania, a Remember the Maine, or some similar psychotic reaction by the rabble.   You probably could have moved 800 soldiers at a time with those vehicles.  Are they now stranded in the mountains of Afghanistan?

I just finished watching “Charlie Wilson’s War”, and thoroughly enjoyed it – well worth the rental.

Kisses everyone, KM.

 See article, below . . .



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