I have found it heartening that recently, Greek youths rioted, burned, and generally created several days of havoc in response to what now seems like an unwarranted and overly aggressive, while certainly unnecessary, police shooting of an unarmed civilian man.   It made me wonder why every police shooting in the United States doesn’t spawn the same reaction. Why should we allow our fellow unarmed citizens to be gunned down in the streets by police trained in anti-terrorism and paramilitary tactics, and bearing assault weapons, and high-capacity firearms?  There was a day in this country when city blocks were burned to the ground in reaction to police brutality, and in my view, our government could use a reminder that we the People are not its bitch.

I am also heartened somewhat by the now apparently abject failure of the federal bailout of the investment banks.  A few of us knew going in that it was doomed to failure, yet we were all soundly chastised by colleagues, friends, relatives, passersby (nothing personal, Dad, but your son knows that of which he speaks – get used to it).   So screw the naysayers, I think we’re entitled to gloat a little, even if the ultimate upshot of our righteousness is that the economic pillar of lies our nation’s capitalism stands upon crumbles, and we sink into a depression.  We the righteous did not create the potential consequences of getting it 100% bass-ackwards WRONG – we just raised the potential downside of a failed bailout, and suggested that the approach being considered and then implemented was bound to be ineffective from the outset.

In other news, I spent a glorious weekend in Asheville NC last weekend, attending the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam (20th Anniversary). I wore and luxuriated in a variety of lacy undergarments, and shopped openly for women’s shoes (size 12, of course), taking advantage of the open-minded atmosphere of this lovely little hippie enclave to enjoy being “out” a little.  I did not have the gumption to attend the concert en femme, but I went as frilly as I dared.  I saw one unfortunate couple busted right in front of me by the NC State Troopers in the outdoor smoking lounge under a stairwell, for god’s sake, for smoking a doobie in public.  I was just about to ask my man there whether he’d consider sharing the wealth when the fuzz swooped in on these two hapless stoners, and nailed them to the wall right there in front of 100 people.  Lucky schmucky, that’s me, eh? 

Peace, people – y’all stay cool


Kisses, KM


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