My wife was, uncharacteristically, putting my freshly washed (mens) underwear away for me on Friday morning, as she was expecting a friend from out of town later that day, and I was already at work, when she found a pair of my black lace hipsters that I had slipped into my drawer the night before. After her friend left yesterday afternoon, she confronted me, and asked who they belonged to – she suspected me of having an affair. When I knew I’d been caught cold, I told her the truth – “they’re mine, they belong to me.” At first she thought I was lying, that I had concocted a story to cover myself if I got caught, but then we had a pretty long conversation about what I’ve been up to, my dressing, the urge to do so, the urge to go out in public dressed, makeup, it explained my earring for her, and I showed her my stash of clothes and shoes to dispel any doubts that may have lingered.

She was a criminal justice major in college, and she took a lot of classes about abnormal psychology, and the like, so she understands that people can be “hard-wired” this way from birth or a very young age, and I told her about my history with cross-dressing, which goes back to feelings I had early, early on in childhood. She is accepting, she prefers I do it in the privacy of our home, rather than be out on the street (she’s worried about someone wanting to hurt me), all in all I’m so glad I got pinched, because she now seems to understand me a little better. I told her how much I hated the deception, and apologized for not telling her long ago – she’s relieved this is all it is, I was able to do a load of intimates last night that needed washing without fear of being busted. The best part is, she sat down, and went through her jewelry stash last night, and picked out a few things for me that she doesn’t, and wouldn’t wear because they’re not her style, including some earrings, necklaces, and a pretty filigree pin!

OMG, what a relief this was for me – she understood why I kept it a secret, she was so loving, understanding and kind about this, and I told her she couldn’t know what this meant to me, how it had lifted a burden from me.

Thought I’d share, I knew there was some possibility I’d get caught at some point, despite my best efforts to hide it, but I did not imagine my wife reacting positively the way she did, and being accepting of me dressing at home just like that.

Kisses, KM’s been outed :^)


2 responses to “Bust(ier)ed

  1. KM glad you were honest with her when confronted. Most times things don’t go so smoothly….
    After my husband of 18 years dumped his CD tendencies on me in a drunken stupor, I immediately went into supportive mode. Later that night, when he put some of my lingerie on, I lost it. He immediately retreated and wouldn’t talk. It took 3 years of me finding things and him lying about them to get our relationship to the point where it’s talked about and accepted.
    I can’t honestly say his “she” side makes me happy but it makes him happy and I love him, so I accept “her.”
    I wish you and your wife the best.

  2. Marly – Thanks for reading, and for your comment, very sweet that you and your husband have reached a certain level of comfort. I’m greatly flattered you took the time to share your thoughts. I’m upstairs in the “man cave” (I might have to rename it!) dressed fully this evening, while spousy is watching some television downstairs. Part of me is torn whether to stroll downstairs (she’s only seen me in lingerie til now) in skirt, hose, blouse and heels. The other part of me wants to get fully made up and put on my wig, and THEN stroll downstairs. But I don’t want to kill her with the shock of it either. Hee hee – what to do, what to do.

    Extra kisses for your comment, Marly – welcome aboard! KM

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