NC snow, and a miserable common cold

We had a little weather excitement here this week in the Piedmont Triad, receiving more than 5″ of snow between Sunday night, and Monday morning.  We were able to get out OK, although to my Northern readers that should be a given – 5 inches?  That’s a light dusting in Lansing, Michigan, from whence I hailed.  But it was pretty, and the birds were especially active at our feeders the last several days.  Our dog Greta likes to make snow angels, and she put on a little show for me last night, making two angels in the front yard.  Precious!!

I’m cold-blooded, to a certain extent, and the cold weather doesn’t particularly bother me – except when my wife brings home a raging cold from one of her office mates.  I had a fever yesterday, and I just could not get, or stay warm.  I shut the door to my office, and turned on my outlaw space heater, put on a sweater, and I generally ached and sneezed through the day, nose running constantly.  I emptied my box of nice, aloe-coated tissues, and went to the supply closet for a new box, but I found the office manager bought a carton of cheaper boxes, with the tissues that feel like fine sandpaper on your face.  Yeah, I had quite a time enduring yesterday.  I came home, fell into bed, watched a little Biggest Loser, took some medicine, and slept a decent night’s sleep.  I feel marginally better today, in that I do not seem to have a fever.  I’m pretty medicined up now, but my symptoms are mostly still there, looks like I’ll have to put up with this another day.

I took a couple swipes at my thigh with  a razor in the shower yesterday, and when I was done, as much as I’ve fantasized about it, I think I actually like the bare leg look, it feels even better than it looks, and so I find myself actually yearning to do a more complete job shaving my legs all the way down to my toes, and up to my . . . I’ll keep you posted as I work this little kink out – that ought to keep you on the edge of your seat, my little naughties.

Kisses – KM


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