Unlikely victory on the soccer pitch . . .

I play in an adult soccer league in my town, in the Over-40 division, of course, and in connection with the league, we play our 90-minute regulation games against other Over-40 teams on Sunday afternoons at some public fields just north of town.  We played our fourth game (we’ve had a few rainouts) against the top-ranked team from last year, also the current leaders in league standings, and prevailed by a score of 2-1.  It was a hard-fought match, with both the S defense, and our goalkeeper tested time and again by the strong, swift and decisive forwards of our opponents.  Both of our goals were supplied by one of our strikers who was in the right place at the right time for the first goal, and who had a spectacular fast-break goal for his second of the afternoon.  Weather conditions were perfect for gardening, though a little warm for soccer, with temperatures in the low-80s (F), and a little humidity.  Our goalkeeper put in an amazing performance also, covering the entire net all at once, it seemed.

While I love the game, and I’m definitely having a ball getting out there and playing again, I seem to be feeling my age a little, as my knees in particular take a few days to mostly recover from the pounding they take on the field.  I started taking a Glucosamine, and Chondroitin supplement to help me with my joint discomfort after the games, and the ibuprofen seems to help too in keeping the pain manageable for the first few days after we play.

While in my younger days I wore an athletic supporter for, um, well, support during my sporting, I find that today, Sweet Nothings(R) brand lace-leg boy shorts provide enough elasticity to keep the boys from jangling around down there, yet they are hydrophilic, wicking moisture away where it counts the most.  Just a tip for the dressing, sporty man, so to speak.

Stay sweet – KM


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