Drinking it all in;

Today is as fine a day as you will ever see in North Carolina.  I am fortunate enough to be on holiday this fortnight, so that I can enjoy the glory of the Carolina blue sky, the persistent breeze pushing the treetops into arrhythmic motion, clumsy doves blown sideways, then correcting course.

Having a dreamy smoke and an ice-cold Mexican beer this afternoon, I’ll graduate to rum and Coke soon enough this evening.  Wearing my ‘last-night’ black lace panties-named as such because they called to me from the Marshall’s rack as an appropriately sexy pair to wear the last night spent in my apartment in the West Fourth apartment I utilized while commuting from Danville a couple days a week-and a light, silky black camisole under my jeans and a loose gray t-shirt, I am currently barefooted and perfectly comfortable with the springtime ambient temperature close to 75f in the shade.

I just refreshed with a chilled Magic Hat #9, now listening to a live Dead show from 1970, Jerry playing like a rock lead guitarist that night at the Fillmore.  All I can say

is that days like this, when I don’t have to work at all, are the reason I work as hard as I do the rest of my days.

Well, the week is just beginning, no telling what might happen — I’ll post again soon.

til then, kisses! KM


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