The, um, “situation” takes a whisker, and a turn

First, the turn.  While my wife of now 17 years initially was somewhat accepting of my cross-dressing, we’ve hit a few potholes along the way.  For example, one night while dressed up in my “man-cave” room above the garage, I felt like having a cigarette.  I don’t smoke in the house, so that involves me walking down the main staircase in the house, and out the back door to the screened-in porch.  I walk down the stairs in drag (no makeup, no wig that night) and spousy says, “ohhh, why are you doing this?”  And I am thinking, uh honey, we just had this conversation a couple weeks ago, and I told you I don’t really understand why this brings me comfort and excitement, but that it does.   She also has vocalized a concern that I not “flaunt” it, but I remind her that I’ve been hoarding my women’s clothing for more than a year, and she didn’t even know. 

But then I asked her to pick up some skirt hangers next time she’s in a store that has them, and what do you know, she does!  Brought me five skirt hangers for my femme wardrobe.  And she stopped snickering about my choice of underwear in the morning now – most of the time I choose panties to wear beneath my very conservative suit, dress shirt and tie.  I really enjoy the consciousness I have of my underwear throughout the day.  I have very comfortable panties, for the most part — still sexy to me, in that they fit me well, and I do own some very cute ones that are a little skimpy, but nothing shocking.  Oh, and if you didn’t miss a detail, I needed skirt hangers because I was out shopping recently, and I picked up some nice finds at the local Goodwill.  I’ll tell you about my haul some other time, but let’s say I made a killing, and purchased some killer threads for a song – yaay!

So that brings me to the whisker.  I’ve begun experimenting with shaving various parts of my body, including my armpits, the small of my back (furry, otherwise) and my chest down to my nipples.  I wanted to shave my legs in their entirety, but for now I am satisfied with having one thigh, my left thigh as a matter of fact, shaved smooth.  I want to shave most of my manly hair off because it is a little unsightly when I’m dressing well enough to otherwise “pass”, but I have hairy legs, back, chest or underarms that show under, through, or around my outfits.  I could wear something less revealing to be sure, but I am 5’7″, and I have lost a lot of weight on my way to an athletic body, and I have the potential to look like a very nice looking woman.  When I get my body where I want it, I want what every girl wants — to be able to dress in a way that I enjoy, to wear clothes that are fun, and to feel sexy and dressed up when I’m, well, dressed-up.  So this fall, when short pants are put away for a month or two, well, we’ll see if I have the guts, won’t we?

 Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote, so many things to write about and so little time.  Tonight, for the curious: black cotton elastic bikini bottoms – bits tucked under, black argyle hose, cleavage-maker and black corset bra (to hold up my little tiny squeezed-together manboobies), ankle-length black leather skirt (Goodwill, $5), 3″ black leather heels, grey microfiber t-top, and a silver/onyx and tiger-eye earring in my one piercing – left ear (of course!).  I’ll try to let you know when I’m stylin’ if you’re interested in what’s in my closet besides me.  Mwaaah.

Kisses – KM


2 responses to “The, um, “situation” takes a whisker, and a turn

  1. Hi there,
    Just wanted to say hi as you are my first wordpress comment. I’m interested that you combine your man blog with your tg blog, perhaps you have only just started dressing. My own is most tg related, with the occasional family related matter. Anyway, wish you well and will hope to pick up some of your other blogs soon.

    Hugs TinaCortina xx

    • brucekrystynam

      Tina – Thanks for reading, and for your comment, welcome aboard. I probably won’t attempt to draw a line between myselves for purposes of the blog. I have been crossdressing most of my life, although in earnest only in the last 18 months, in which I’ve come to understand this is a large part of who I am. I’m new to the blogosphere, though I weigh in on CD-centric topics that interest me on a few forums including, and Lauras-Playground (a safe site). So my blog will be a potpourri of CD and non-CD experiences. I like to think I have an interesting existence, and I’m interested in sharing some of my experiences with others, especially those struggling with transgender issues who may not believe that there are others “out” here struggling through similar experiences, as well as sharing a gender identity.

      Hope you find some words of interest here, and thanks again for introducing yourself!

      Kisses – KM

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