Asheville, cont’d. (SLP version)

I don’t know whether the SLP reference is too arcane or not, but I am of a certain age, darlings, and I love functional classics like the VCR, and the non-digital DVC camcorder.  Of the latter, I have a wonderful Panasonic PV GS320 with the 3xCCD video elements.  The only thing it’s missing is a microphone input for higher fidelity recording to take advantage of the CD quality sound – it has a mic zoom feature that is cool, and I think the GS300 had a stereo in, but there wasn’t one available on the ‘Bay when I was looking.    They’re not real expensive (mine brand new for under $300 Ebay), and the picture quality is probably close to HD, it also is a 3.2 Megapixel still camera, although it’s a handful to lug around just for that when you have a smart phone with a 5.0 MP still that will do video also.  But the video, especially the zoom, is really spectacular.

Okay, so where were we?  Oh yes, time to kill in Asheville, cash money to spend, some dope – I have a small wooden pipe, about the size of my little finger, that I carved from the crook of a branch that I removed from a pink flowering Weeping Cherry tree at the house we left in Virginia when we moved to North Carolina.  I loaded it as soon as I hit the road, that and a glass bowl with a little shotgun on the side.  I am a very cautious driver anyway, and well-trained, having grown up around the Washington Beltway in the 70s-2000.

Tonight’s state of mind: Light headed

Tonight’s drug of choice:  hacheech, at the moment

Expectations: dressing, high, writing

Soundtrack: Donald Fagen – Snowbound (Kamakiriad) on continuous (love the guitar solo, and it’s monotonous enough it fades into the background a little as I write).

Outfit: Sleeveless grey evan picone short dress, black hose, silver and black cat charm bracelet, silver 24″ add-a-bead chain, black 3″ heel boots, black corset bra with my “bust enhancer” elastics to give me some boobage – check the link out:

I usually use two, for extra mushing, as is the case tonight.  Underwear?  Boy shorts, in black – one of my favorites as you probably have guessed.

I know, I know.  Some of you are screaming “Get the fuck down to it already!  Focus!  Asheville!”  When people talk about an uneventful trip, that is really exactly what I had.  I literally rolled on to Asheville without stopping, didn’t see the first local representative of Johnny Law within a mile of me during my drive — about a 2.25 hour trip from when I really got out on the highway.  I got to town, I checked into my hotel room, unpacked my essentials, hit the head, and then I knew I had to scout out some dinner.  One place my wife and I had not had the chance to try the last time we were in Asheville was Tupelo Honey, a nouveau Southern cuisine place where I was fortunate enough to eat a lunch while in town last autumn on business.  So it was a natural choice for vittles.  The meal itself was good, but they had a pumpkin pie creme brulee that is worth thr trip if only for that.  So, decadent and well balanced between custard and delicate sweetness, and the pumpkin pie spices were applied prudently so as to be delectable, but not to overpower. Call ahead, check the online menu.  If you are ever fortunate enough to try it, drop me a comment.

More next time.

Kisses!! KM


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