OK, so Richmond at last.

So after I picked up the motorcycle on Saturday (June 6),  I had time to ride it shakily around the neighborhood for 15 minutes, noting that it idled rough, but ran smooth — suggesting some congestion of the idle jets in this carb’d classic.  I’d have plenty of time for riding later, plus I needed carb cleaner, fresh gas, a helmet, riding gear, some proper boots.  I packed my things quickly and headed out for Midlothian, Virginia wherein my younger sibling and his lovely wife and new baby, my niece,  reside. 

I was semi-femme, wearing under jeans my spandex nude boy shorts because they wick sweat, and a dangly earring in my left lobe, and I had a spandex camisole on underneath my T-shirt.  I’ve lost a good bit of weight now, an honest 23 pounds, and I’m looking really good compared to my more abundant  self.

It’s nearly a four hour trip, no matter which way you slice it, and I opted for the less-traveled 29 to 58 to 360 to 288 route, rather than 40/85 to 85 to 95 Interstate path — too much traffic for my tastes.  I had a fat baggy, then recently procured, and I packed a glass bowl for the trip.  I was pretty high before I left Greensboro’s outer limits, and was able to maintain a nice buzz for the entire trip, which is, as they say, pretty much the point at least for me. 

Upon my eventual arrival all up in the Midl’n, I found my beautiful niece in the care of her maternal grandmother, who I’ve missed dearly since I last saw her.  The sweetness was sleeping, then Gama burped her a little, fed her a little, and it was the sweetest thing you ever saw.  I love that little baby already, and I just met her!  I held her, and she smiled a little smile among her random facial gestures (she was about 7 weeks old that weekend).  I wish I had children, I really do.  But wifey and I are on the rocks again, since the bike purchase she’s been highly disrespectful to me, so I leave her be when she’s like that.  I really, truly do not think that she loves me.  I’m pretty well convinced.




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