A few words about the Honda

This bike was rather exotic for its day, and has endured nicely even 13 years later and is a competitive machine in comparison with today’s advanced two-wheeled road and track equipment.  I’ll easily get 100,000 miles out of it, it never gets close to redline in any gear, and man this thing really has a nice broad powerband, enough to get out of a jam if necessary.  Please, y’all do me a favor and WATCH OUT FOR BIKES while you’re driving around.  There are a lot of us out there, especially in summertime, and we rely on you to be even moderately attentive to your driving and to react when you see us with your eyes. 

OK, so a quick confession, I’ve had an erection from the sheer thrill of the riding.  It’s that much fun.  It’s that enjoyable even abiding by the speed limits, and of course the other laws of the road.  I am a very cautious rider, having been in an altercation in the past between car and bike – don’t want to go there again, one rear-end collision catapult high-side is too much.

Wearing my favorite panties tonight, some Marshall’s special Vanity Fair (support like I’m wearing nothing at all, mmm heaven) chest and thighs freshly shaved up to there, listening to a fresh jazz album this evening, enjoying a little bud after a very busy day.  off to bed, more later, thanks for checking in!


Kisses, KM


One response to “A few words about the Honda

  1. Sorry I’ve been out of commission lately, nothing serious, just lack of time to focus on the blog. I sincerely will try to be more attentive – Kisses!

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