The joy of bone tights

As I was strolling drowsily down the cosmetics aisle of the local druggist last night, SOs Rx in hand on my way to the Pharmacist, my eyes perhaps not so casually fell on the hosiery display.  Now, I want to say that I have been looking for bone tights now for some time, I just never see them.  Bone microfiber tights — oh, joy(!) — up until now, all I’ve had was black, and they don’t go well with the Claiborne autumn brown wool short skirt, the ivory lace camisole, or the brown 3 1/2″ heel boots . . . oh but wait, I hadn’t told you about the boots yet.  Well, cat out of bag, right.

Mental state: content, relaxed

Attire: bone tights, white vanity fair sporty undies (a fav), 40B sky blue bra, the brown Claiborne skirt, hits me just above the knee, ivory lace camisole blouse, 3 1/2″ high spike heel brown boots, clip earrings I found at Belk on sale, and a sweet smile.

Condition: light leaf buzz, freshly shaved knees up, arms, chest, nape of neck – smooooth!  Athletics are over after Sunday, then we’ll see if I have the nerve to shave my legs down to the toes for the winter season.  I’ll keep ya posted. . .

Lil Lady thinks she is upset now about a recent purchase I made, a made-to-measure leather catsuit from a vendor on the ‘Bay.  What can I say, I’m having some leather fetish moments of late.  Nothing kinky, just not into the spankypanky, simply love, love the leathers.  A little bit of alteration — I measured myself, after all — and it should be really well done.  I asked LL to help me take my measurements, and she flat out refused — very sad.  But I think I may have found a discrete alterations place.  We’ll see if I can trust the proprietor.  I want it to fit me like a well-fitting glove – my body is looking good from all the exercise and weight control efforts, and I want to enjoy this fantasy.  Jealous?

Kisses, KM

P.S. good to be back, has been very difficult for me to write.  Hope to be able to make more time for this – XOXO


2 responses to “The joy of bone tights

  1. I can totally get the catsuit fantasy but there’s a reason for the difficulty finding the bone tights. They should be outlawed! 😀 sorry, I’m very opinionated about what looks right and what doesn’t (I can also tease relentlessly )
    BTW; Did I mention I’m a fashion designer and stylist?
    Anyway, I have a question: is it difficult to keep things secret from your male friends?

    • My male friends don’t know anything about this, at all, and I take great pains to keep this part of my life separate from my work or local social life. On the other hand, it took my wife 17 years to figure it out, and she lives with me :^) I did receive some static about the earring, but that faded fast.

      Thanks for reading, and taking the time to write. Writing helps develop your writing –

      Kisses – KM

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