My God, December already (or patterns of the seasons)

What began as a relaxing trip for two to the San Juan Islands August 2008 turned into the great debacle, beginning with unreasonable conditions that popped up as if out of a clear blue sky  (that ultimately made the trip undeniably pointless), ending in tears, recriminations, and finally estrangement, with weeks of silent fury and nary a word between us for several months.  I tried to broach the subject a number of times and reason it out like adults (this was pre-earring, pre-outing, my secrets were still all my own), but to no avail, utterly.  How we got by that I don’t know.

Flash forward to the present, and what began as a nice, completely good faith invitation to Mr&Mrs from a friend-in-waiting to an artistic outing and a meet and greet turned into a referendum on my earring, which she has vowed she will not take me as her guest to her office Christmas party if I wear one that night.  To which I replied, why do you want to try to manipulate me like that?  If you want to make a deal, honey, how about we say go to the symphony, and I’ll go with you to a Kenny Chesney or Billy Currington concert, let’s deal with my earring and your party later, mm-kay?  I’d like her to meet this new friend and her SO, it’s a great professional connection, at minimum.

Last night, when all this went down, I just wanted out.  Today I missed her.  Damn you, love.  Damn you.

tearful kisses, KM

Oh, but while in Richmond Monday I had some impromptu time with my niece, truly a bouncing 7-month old bebe, and it was priceless – made my whole month

PS – Does anyone use the RSS feed option?  If someone loads this page on their RSS reader, I’d love to hear about it.  Gracias!


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