What I wanted to write about tonight . . .

Well, of course, that.  But I wanted to talk botany and horticulture.  Instead, I arrived home from work a little early tonight, having stopped by the cleaners to drop off, and to pick up.  So, I’m changing clothes, and I know I’ve just done all my laundry.  So I have a fresh load of soft, satin panties, and all my other unmentionables that seem to be de facto replacing my ordinary collection of white cotton briefs.  I undressed quickly, and I didn’t even think about it for a second, but reached into my drawer and (while rooting around in the tangle for my white camilsole, I grabbed one of my padded 40B bras, white with lace trim, and I’m standing in the mirror admiring myself for a second in white bra and white sporty bikini briefs (vanity fair, with mesh inserts at each leg – fabulous, just fabulously comfortable and sexy too) before slipping on some clean jeans, an a-shirt over my bra, and I switched to a more obvious earring in place of my daily, workaday tiny sterling “ball” stud – it looks like a small silver dragee, if you know those like I do.  My hair was shorn close within the last week, and I touched up my neck to the hairline with the Schick Quattro in the shower this morning, while also shaving my face clean, my chest bare, and my underarms, of course, bald as a newborn.  I have been thinking about shaving my legs down to my toes, actually a lot, lately.  Soccer season is over until March, noochie.  If I get a snuke in my snizz, I may do it.  Mmm.  Just the thought of it.

Kisses, blushing, KM

pink fog tonight, flaunting it.  Good, right?  Makes me all giddy inside, perhaps something cyclical going on?  Maybe my wife and I are in sync . . . wouldn’t that be just about right.  Mmmmmwaah.


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