Shopping, incognito . . . and awakening (cont’d)

So, for those of you in the greater Raleigh, NC, area this afternoon, I visited the local shopping mecca with my SO and mum-in-law, ending up at the Shops at Baileywick, and the DSW shoe outlet.  At the Shops, I found myself wandering off alone among the rows of tiny boutiques, full of trinkets, original art, antiques, imports, all of a deliciously feminine flavor.  I adore the Baileywick, and I am realizing now that it really is not at all a manly place.  Most men I see there are carrying their wives’ packages, or handbags; or they are sitting on the faux-brick wishing well in the middle of the center aisle, eyes aglaze, checking their watches.  Meanwhile, I’m scurrying up one aisle and down the next, eyes aglow at the pretty necklace/earring/bracelet sets, checking out the handmade handbags, and admiring lovely appointments for the boudoir.  I realized suddenly, as I’m checking out an antique perfume bottle necklace, that no one in that store would have any reason to think anything but that I was shopping lovelies for my spouse, and I instantly began to enjoy the experience even more.  There were quite a few pretty things I would have loved to have walked up to the checkout with, but I can wait until SO and I can go back together, alone (mil does not know I CD).  But oh, tempted, tempted.

Next at the DSW outlet, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the great selection of very stylish boots, including a size 11W moc-croc black patent Guess boot with about a 5″ spike heel.  Leather, knee-high, gorgeous – $99.95.   Oh honey, I would make that work – I may have to go back for them . . .  I ended up settling for a pair of (men’s(!)  sad-sad!) black Adidas street shoes that look just like soccer cleats, without the knobby bottoms:

.   Oh, my wife’s reaction?  Ugh. What?  They look fruity.  Jesus, God.  Should have gone with the Guess boots.

Kisses, KM

So, I guess that’s where I am with my crossdresssing, as I look toward 2010.   Hope it is a year full of blessings and good times, to all.  Kisses!


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