Tonight, as I sit down to write, I am enveloped in the irresistible fragrance of new leather; my ears spark at the crinkle of the fresh skins as I cross and uncross my legs like a proper lady.  I don’t really even know where this fantasy began, but it culminated in my pressing on online “best offer” button on Ebay to win an auction that began a process for me that ends for now with me typing at my keyboard wearing black bikini panties, a pair of black striped microfiber tights, two of my breast enhancers, my homemade breast forms (looking like a 40c tonight) my earrings, and a necklace and bracelet from wifey’s collection, and my brand new black leather skintight full-body catsuit.  With my 3″ heel ladies black boots, I’m emulating Trinity from The Matrix series.  It feels so amazing, the way it warms to your skin it feels almost like your own skin, a sense of nakedness while enveloped in a soft, tight bodysuit.  It’s very cold here in the Piedmont tonight, temperature around 21F, but  I stepped outside to smoke, wearing nothing but what I mentioned, and this sweet outfit is toasty warm!  MMM, mmm.  Delicious.  I have a few significant  alterations to get done on the suit, some of the measurements didn’t work out so well.  When they say in the ad not to try to measure yourself — I mentioned in an earlier post that she refused to help me measure, and I was just too shy to go to a tailor to have all my measurements done.  Next time, I will!  I am trying to work up the nerve to visit a local tailor who advertises that she works on leather garments – we’ll see if she will be able to manage to make my new fetishwear fit like a tight glove.  Is that so kinky?  Oh my God, I never could have imagined being this comfortable with my transgendered sexuality when I was playing in my mothers undie drawer as a boy of 12, so many years ago.

I’m like peeling an onion, babes – Happy new year everyone, hopefully 2010 will find us all healthier, and wiser.

Kisses, KM


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