spending my Christmas cash

I spent all afternoon yesterday running around town so ultimately I would end up at my local Goodwill Retail Store, where I hoped to find some skin-tight ladies’ stretch denim jeans.  Jeans at the Goodwill store are $5, lightly used, but the selection is at least as good as a traditional retail store, maybe better.  I figured that the stretch denim was the look I wanted.  My hypothesis proved up, when I found that I was swimming in the waist of a traditional size 16 jean, but a 14 in traditional size was too tight, especially in the legs.  So what about a 14 stretch denim?  Turns out I found not just one, but three pair — two that are almost perfect, and one that is perfect: perfectly form-fitting to my derriere, and my legs all the way down to my calves, where they flare out just enough to accommodate my high-heeled black bootleg.  I can tuck my private parts tightly enough so that well, no hint of a bulge despite them fitting about like a leotard.

In all, my take for the day for $27 is: three pair (one each Younique, Levi Strauss Signature, Mudd) stretch denim jeans, two blue, one black; one real wool red tartan plaid Tracey Evans Ltd mini skirt (it’s short enough to be a little “naughty schoolgirl”) that I so could not resist; silver Paul Harris Design rayon satin blouse; Laura G.red lace pullover top (somewhat form-fitting, has some spandex); red Finity sweater twinset, red knit wool knee-length Dana Buchman skirt.  In case you didn’t notice, yes, color is “in” for Krystyna Marie in 2010, apparently.

I painted my nails last night in front of the tv, the hottest hot pink from among my wife’s castoffs, while my wife watched and, frankly, heckled a little too.  They ask me why I drink, Lord . . .  As for this morrow, I am becoming committed to the idea of shaving not just my thighs up, but my legs all the way down to the tips of my presently, furry toes.  We’ll see how that plays out, not so sure about that yet – it seems a big step for me.  I can see that I have some doubts . . .

Extra kisses, cuz I love a bargain —



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