freshly shaved

And one more, with a little toe cleavage this time.  Sorry about the quality, I had my camera set to the incorrect resolution.  Better next time . . .

relaxing at home (legs)

In the spirit of gonzo journalism, I guess one conceivably could photoshop and thus concoct an image like this – for argument’s sake.  We’ll talk about my narcissistic tendencies on some other occasion.

Kisses!  KM


2 responses to “visuals

  1. Nice gams, Girly! I don’t care what anyone says…. everyone’s legs look great in pumps!

    Kudos for painting your nails in front of your wife. This kind of behavior forces her to pay attention. She may heckle you for now (I’d keep up the vices) but eventually, it will come down to her either accepting who you are or walking away; which is how it should be- no middle of the road.
    I wish my husband would take a page from your book. He’s open about dressing now and I can ask him questions and talk to him about it but it seems to go dormant for long periods of time and I’m not sure why BUT, he does things in his own way; at his own pace.
    Anyway, applause and whistles!

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