OK, so crop came in and I’m a little bummed.  It’s hermie already, alright, so was hoping for some feminized seed out of the deal, anyway.  We’ll see.  This skank tastes, after curing, enhh, not great, seedy as hell, and just full of pollen.  Which, the pollen, uh can do a little, but it does get old cuz this stuff is just covered with it.  It is sticky, it will get you a decent, but failure to keep the nutrients at the right level really cost this crop a lot of potential.  Will know better for next time, hopefully with some feminized plants :^)

Yeah this is the $55 per 1/4 ditch- I used to curse the ol’ next friend over.  These were supposed to be super seeds, and the leaf alone was pretty psychedelic, with the proper fertilizer – weakly, weekly here.  Ahh, the beauty of life is not so much the lessons we must learn, but rather the way in which we have to learn them.

Kisses – KM


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