Winter olympic moments

Much as I love the Lindsey Vonn, you think she may be a little clumsy?  She arrived at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games all busted up, with a bum leg that called her even competing “iffy”.  But for some wild winter weather out west, she might not have made it to the downhill event, let alone run competitive in all the Alpine skiing events.  But she caught enough of a break to be able to heal up in time to grab a couple medals before she busted her finger in the latest mishap in the giant slalom this afternoon.  Per the loose lips from the commentators (who have been WAAAAAAAAY too chatty, thanks guys for fucking stepping all over the real drama with your just unnecessary, yet incessant, inane blather, gawd ya runnin ya fookin mouths nonstop but ya not sayin anything.  What in gods name is the matter with you!?!) before she competed, we know that Lindsay is always getting banged up, sometimes just walking around, making a sandwich, rolling out of bed, or whatever.  Watch her next time she skiis — maybe it’s Vancouver, and the rotten conditions, but last couple of days consistently, if she even bobbles the slightest, she’s down.  I know she’s hurting, I’ve not seen her ski before now, I could be way off.  But as a first impression, maybe just a little clumsy, and by that I mean a little clumsy for a superfit, beautiful, talented, and exciting athlete . . . Very interesting.

Next, HUGE kudos to NBC for taking us “onboard” with the athletes only when they wipeout, crash, beef, get gnarly, eat it, choose your term.  But watching skicross, or sbx race wipeouts onboard with the wipee, all ski tips going in different directions, arms gyrating wildly, BIIGG puff of snow as the contestant faces plants in the hardpack and the camera in an instant falls static, then silent — is just precious (especially in HD, having sprung for the plasma at long last right before the opening ceremonies), and a first in Olympic coverage, as far as I know.  Great idea, soul-less network guys, that would be even neato-er (?) in an HD isolation helmet goggles-up surround display with in-ear monitors.  On second thought, you might hurt yourself doing that.  Seriously twisted cinematography, fellas, really.

Finally, who knew women’s two-up bobsleigh could be so riveting.  OMG, I could so do this sport — I would rock it, I’ve seen some of those women, I so could pass.  I’m quite certain it is a sport dominated by lesbian women, not that there’s anything wrong with that (see, e.g., supra), OK, well I’m a known freakydeak, so you’re right — I’m not sure that says anything about the sport, really.

Kisses, KM


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