The Brilliant Politician That is Barack Obama

Here is how smart this man is at the game of politics – Obama appoints an Independent SEC Commissioner who is the deciding vote in the case brought against Goldman.  Either way this could go, he wins.  If the SEC case sticks (Goldman’s conduct, in allowing one of its manager to create a security that he stuffed full of junk Mortgage-Backed Securities, marketed the security to institutional investors as a AAA rated issue, all the while purchasing Credit Default Swaps to insure against failure of the underlying investments and made Goldman a killing when the CDS insurance paid up, is unlawful) he wins.  He wins, because even Wall Street’s “golden children” are soulless, amoral greedheads who can’t help but lie, cheat and steal and measure each others penises by the Ferraris they own.  If the SEC case does not stick (Goldman Sachs’ conduct was lawful, they say they lost money on the deal??), Obama wins, because he can now say “you know all those crazy credit default swaps? This practice of insuring your neighbors house, knowing you’re going to burn it down? This kind of conduct as found by the SEC is legal, and therefore we have to change the law, because we cannot allow misleading investors to be lawful”.

If you can follow that, Happy Motherfucking 4-20, Bitches!  Hope you’re celebrating the most important holiday of the year ))))


Kisses, KM


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