When I look at my reflection

I’m beginning to see myself differently in the mirror now, a knowing who I am more than before.  This is very interesting to me.  Shaving underarms and chest and thighs is almost as normal as shaving my face.  Getting my hair cut shorter now, 3s all around instead of 3/6 on top, my body more athletic, I just look different in the mirror to myself.

OMG, I found the prettiest pair of peep-toe strappy black lambskin 3 1/2″ pumps – Bitten – Sarah Jessica Parker – at Goodwill, for $3.75, never worn.  I found them, size 11, thought, “maybe . . .” (figured I could always donate them if they’re too small), walked right up to the counter with them, the last customer in the store at 8:00 on Saturday evening, pretty nubian running the register looks me right in the eye as I look her right in the eye, mona lisa smile on my face.  Wearing them right now,  Damn.




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