I post from the skyways this morning, on the first leg of my journey home from the land of medical marijuana and the battered auto industry. In the span of 2 days, my whole life flashed before me profoundly, having spent time this weekend with my entire extended family. We gathered, nominally, to celebrate the 90th birthday of our family matriarch. Thankfully, we found her in good health and sound mind. Grandma’s reaction, beyond what must have been a delightful shock (the scope of the party was not disclosed in advance to the subject,much to my surprise), was disbelief — and hopefully in fond hindsight, some well-deserved pride — that the descendants of A and J would gather in her honor to celebrate her life at this time in her life. God bless this sweet humble angel who raised such a very fine and loving family, 36 strong, with more on the horizon.

I packed my favorite panties, and satin nighties, gave myself a good clean shave, and reveled in the close proximity of my family for a hot, humid Michigan Sunday. Good conversation and fellowship with the people I love the most. Did I mention I am traveling alone? She stayed home, bound up still in the hatred of cruel words spoken long ago by my mother, never retracted, at least not in good time. Ah, some days it seems that fate drags me along by the ovaries toward certain doom.

Kisses, KM


One response to “travels

  1. brucekrystynam

    I feel like such a trainwreck, looking back on this post. That’s all – KM

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