Pearls, camisole, Bitten – Sarah Jessica Parker, and Squeeze

I gave myself a good shave last weekend for the wedding, and now I find myself looking forward to shaving when I need it.

Attire: Guess Jeans miniskirt, black cotton laceneck camisole, Bitten – Sarah Jessica Parker 3 1/2″ black peep toe pumps, pearl necklace+bracelet, black lacefront bikini panties (underdressed with these today).

Mood: relief (it’s Friday)

Mental State: tortured, exhausted, inlaws tomorrow, but nicely buzzed a little unsteady, slightly sexually turned-on.

What with me all dressed up and nowhere to go tonight, I’m cooling it with some homegrown and an internet radio show that has been archived at:  For you cultish Squeeze fans from the 80s like me, this is a nice sampling of the band’s best material.

The weed is all leaf, though it’s been stressed into a sticky state, full of a medicating, calming, but stupid high.  You’ll forget your wallet somewhere on this shit.

Anyway, dig Squeeze, they were enormous in England and Europe, popular but cult following, mostly.  BTW, I am so rooting for Team USAfutbol in tomorrow’s match – play well boys!

And my body?  Mmmwah.  Looking great, slender, fit, very sexy.  I’ve been touching myself a lot lately, I think I am narcissus.  If anyone would like to leave me a comment or a question, I’d welcome it, all you lurkers out there (1453 and counting).

Kisses, KM


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