Wearing me out with the hatred, Citizens United

Uck, the negative stuff I heard on every AM talk radio station from here to Greenville – hard to believe there’s that much hate out there that they can sell advertising with the constant rant and criticism of the hard-working men and women that constitute our (Constitutional) government.

1. The concept of the unitary executive is one that, while stretched to the Constitutional limits in the most recent past administration, found at least some support in their Constitution- and Federalist Papers-based arguments in favor, so it is a lawful approach to administering the duties of the Executive Branch.  What’s good for the Boosh is good for the Obagander, right?  The Executive is not supposed to be weak . . .
2. Please, with the labeling of fascist, marxist, communist, socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic.  Unless you believe that the Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v Gore was a coup d’etat, and Obama is the (popularly- and Constitutionally-elected!) successor to the coup, O’s policies are strikingly similar to those of “43”.  Most progressives are unhappy that so little has changed from those dark years where we lost more personal liberty than at any time prior.  Top income tax rates under Eisenhower were at 87% – Congress makes the tax laws – has there ever been a President that did not implement his power to govern through the power of the purse?  Lincoln? Nixon? Reagan? Booshes?
3. Can we agree that whoever is in office at the moment, we wish what’s best for all the people of our great country, and we pray that our representatives make wise and just decisions in what is a fiduciary responsibility.

4. I think the Corporations should fend for themselves and live or die without government assistance of any kind – that’s sort of what they want, right?  But government must regulate industry.  and

5. I strongly disagree with the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” treatment of Corporations as people, when it comes to endowing them with “rights”, like freedom to spend money to influence elections.  We the People, not We the “persons” (calling us citizens is a little creepy, too – a bit 1984, yes?  Apologies to Eric Blair/George Orwell).  A corp may be a “person”, but it is not a People.  Wow, Supremes, talk about a craven, cynical, distorted, and dehumanizing decision.  A corporation can live perpetually, it is not one of us, or even a collective of us.  It is a legal fiction, created by men for a specific purpose that did not include breathing, thinking, suffering, starving, or dying.  It is wholly other, Antonin, Clarence, John, and Samuel.  Isn’t that as plain as the nose on your faces?  Surely you four like a simple explanation over convoluted verbal gymnastics like those underpinning Citizens United.  You sound like a bunch of liberal arts students asking what if this, what if that, inventing hypotheticals, making shit up to screw all the real people just because you are the last word on the subject.  You’re too smart by half, gentlemen.  Daring Congress to tighten up the law on campaign finance . . . can you say punt?

Okay, kisses everyone – we cannot progress with hatred.



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