Heat of the summer

Sauntering through the garden in deep-pink painted toes, I reach the shade of the mid-morning summer day – noting the heat in the air through my nostrils, we have reached the sleepy-time down south, when the days are long and each pristine daylily in the fading patch is precious for its waning display.  I stop and look at each one in turn, appreciating afresh all those qualities that first drew my eye to its own, across the many years of collecting.  Gardeners’ rewards come only with time, and without a loving companion by one’s side faithfully to share the dirty work, gardening can be reduced to hard labor with little reward but the aesthetic, and a leaner body.  Most of our garden was built from this love, but there has been hard labor, too.  Harder, and harder it becomes to leave your creations, as many man-hours, and as much love and sacrifice as go into it.  While letting go has that bittersweet quality — unclear how bitter, how sweet, but never ambivalent –I think one’s pride allows you to loose yourself from it at last if it is what you really want.

I finally shaved the fur off my tummy for a smoother, more feminine look.  I really like it, made me blush at first glance.

Kisses – KM


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