‘Net Neutrality

As I understand it, a 2010 US Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit’s decision found that the FCC lacked statutory authority (a pre-requisite to any exercise of Executive Branch regulatory power) to mandate equal treatment of content by pipeline providers of Internet service.  Comcast brought the legal challenge to an FCC ruling rejecting Comcast’s plan to tier Internet content-for-pay, and otherwise to control what users access.

First of all, fuck Comcast.

Second, can Obama resolve this via Executive Order?  If so, he should.

Third, Congress should immediately grant the FCC statutory authority – not (!) to regulate the Internet – to maintain the Internet as a free, non-discriminatory, open access network for the People.  It, and the information it conveys (obviously) is one of our greatest American resources.  Call it the Open Internet Act of 2010.  It’s that simple.

Fourth, is there a grass roots group out there seeking to develop a public peer-to-peer network that relies on wifi, and solar-powered repeaters to provide connectivity across this land?  How big a project is that?

Just think how many voices could be silenced if ‘Net Neutrality is not the Law of the Land.

Kisses, KM


One response to “‘Net Neutrality

  1. brucekrystynam

    Oh, and in case they thought I hadn’t noticed, Time Warner Cable, my provider, tiers access – you only get the fast pipe if you pay more.

    Fuck Time Warner Cable too.

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