Tight leather pants, black.

I have been wanting leather pants, tight ones, that show off my ass and legs, for quite some time now.  I recall reading years ago a Richard Bach book, One, in which he spends a lot of his narrative talking about visualizing as one tool in making your own reality.  I have tried it a few times, and I have found that if you visualize something you want to see or happen, many times, out of the blue, you will see, or experience that very thing.  So I walked into the Mega Thrift this afternoon, while SO was off getting her hair done, and what almost jumps off the rack but a pair of beautiful black leather pants, Size 14.  I was feeling up to it, and very excited, so I took them to the dressing room, and I tried them on.  A near perfect fit, waist, hips, thighs, flare to boot leg, and about 6″ too long.  At $5.99, what a steal!  I brought them home, tried them on with high heels, and guesstimated how much hem I’d need.  I ended up turning the cuffs under by about three inches, making hand-sewn hidden stitches with quadrupled black poly thread along the side seams, a small “x” dart 90 degrees from the seams.  The waist closure had seen better days, so I found some black self-adhesive velcro strips back at home, and tacked them in place with needle and thread also.

I am wearing them now, with a flashy black beglittered sleeveless top, a gold necklace from SO’s castoffs, and 3 1/2″ high heel “motorcycle” boots.  Obviously, my 40D sportbra and my silicone forms.  Wow, my ass looks great in these leathers.  I think a bike ride in this getup is in order.

Oh, and I screwed up the courage to go look at wigs this afternoon.  I did not purchase, I just gazed stupidly at the wide array of choices and colors.  Ebay is calling, now that I have seen the real deal, closeup.




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