Carl Paladino and the transgendered.

This man is a religious zealot and demagogue, and a dangerous bigot, and if he is anti-gay, anti-gay marriage, anti-“pervert”, you have to wonder if he is not also anti-crossdresser, anti-transgendered, anti-androgynous, and on and on.  Mr. Paladino, why are you so full of hatred?  How did you become so unhappy?  Have you no positivity to offer?  My sense of the Carl Paladinos of this world, of this country, is that what they are most angry about and disappointed in is themselves.

It is time to be Bright.  If you have a natural view of the world, humankind and the universe, free of supernatural and mystical elements, visit

Become part of the community.  I am hopeful that someday religion will not enter into politics, and I am interested in dedicating some space here to that cause.

Peace, all –


PS tired, sleep study tonight, want to wear my silk nightie, pink lace boyshorts and bra with forms, but that would be on videotape, and probably blackmail-worthy.



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