I really want to go out somewhere en femme on halloween

But I don’t think I have the nerve this year.  If she wasn’t here, I would do it in a heartbeat.  She made vacation plans separate from me, got around to telling me today that she’s taking this week off.  I had hoped for Thanksgiving week.  Guess I hadn’t told her that yet either.  But I was trying to get her to focus on taking some vacation back in early September, as I recall.  Neither of us are communicating too well with the other, and all I can think to say is oh fuck it all.

Even if I’m not showing it, I actually feel quite girly today.  Underdressing in extra tight (Sz M) black boy shorts.  I really like the firm support.  Waah. .  Oh, and I am really high this afternoon.  Like crazy — wanted to ride this afternoon, but it may be tomorrow morning at this rate.  The weather here in nwcentral NC is heavenly this afternoon.  I’ll dress up some later, I think.  I’ll have to shave some of my hairiness this evening in order to facilitate.  But shorts season is basically over, except for a couple soccer games for me.

Kisses.  KM


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