Recap: All dressed up, and nowhere to go (12:00am 11/27/2010)

It was an evening all alone, no one around, SO not home, so I got dressed up.  It took me several hours, starting with the hair clippers to lessen the amount o’ armhair.  I shaved my face again, trimmed my eyebrows (!), shaved my neck, my chest, my underarms, my stomach, trimmed up my privates a tad, the small of my back, my shoulders/back, my ears inside and out, and nostrils too.  I was seriously bald Friday night, when I was through.

I did my face, quite nicely, I should say.   The blond wig on, I chose the Stretch Old Navy Collection (sz 14) little black dress, two lengths of pearls, 18″, 24″, a kitsche watch and cute bracelet, one of my SOs fashion rings for my left hand pinky.  Clip-on thick 1″ gold hoop earrings, Bitten/Sarah Jessica Parker peep toe heels (3-1/2″), sz 11.  Bare-assed legs, no hose – I was working the legs.  I tucked, using tight spandex panties, plus a sz Med (read “tight”) shaper panty to really pack those doo-dads up into their cavity, and my dangle upfromunder.  Oops, I forgot a fragrance – silly me!  No wedding band.  First a bust enhancer to squeeze together my fleshiness up top, then black 42D bra, and size 8 silicone forms.  Black slip.  OMG cute.  I waited to take photographs until at the Club, later.  Anticipating!

I found out by driving, sadly, into the darkened, and empty parking lot that Club Odyssey, Winston-Salem’s only LGBT club, is closed, effective November 13.  I don’t travel in those circles, ordinarily, but you’d have thought I would have heard.  OMG, having a little crisis knowing that the first night I ever went anywhere as “out” was Club Odyssey, and now it is gone.  Snif.  It made North Carolina seem not so foreign and hostile a land.  Tsk.  It’s not like they have a yellow pages for the transgendered.   Hmm.  Maybe that is the start of someone’s business plan.

At any rate, I did not get to dabble with the fabulous set on Friday night after Thanksgiving.  I just wanted to have a good time, to be seen, and to see myself being seen.  And to be OK with that.  I was OK with it at home, I should say, and I don’t know what it was about this week’s crop of fresh greens, but I found myself horny as a goat.  If there’s one thing anyone can say about me it is that I take care of that kind of business.  In the end, so to speak, I was super satiated — I felt like I was a 305 that’d been bored out to 340 by the time I was through.

Kisses – KM


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