Welcome, 2011

I am a Bright.  My worldview is a naturalistic one, that does not include any superstitious or mystical elements.  (See http://the-brights.net/) Nevertheless, even I know it’s too early to say “2010, Bite me.”  Too much can happen in an hour and fourteen minutes.  Instead, I welcome 2011, with open arms.  I went shopping, while returning from the beach, the hanesbrands outlet in Manteo, NC.  I found some great workout wear by Champion, including “barely there” spandex hipsters, the cutest blue cotton boyshorts with faux buttons on the front, a white camisole with shelf bra, hot pink workout shorts and matching sportsbra, and some beautiful hosiery, winter tights by DKNY – patterned silver jacquard looking stockings – hot!!  Oh, also some shoes, Bendables by Clark’s.  the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn, size 11M, fit like a glove with the open toe (and therefore, all the better to admire my pink painted toenails!):

Kisses, all, thanks for reading me.



One response to “Welcome, 2011

  1. I made a point this year to post in every month. I appreciate all of you checking back on the site, I want to write more about my life this coming year.

    Kisses – KM

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