Invitation, challenge accepted

I picked up the gauntlet cast upon the floor by one of the WordPress writers to post to this blog every week in 2011.  That’s my goal.  I started this blog posting sporadically, 2010 I did once a month minimum.  I want to write more, so that I am more of a writer.

Mood: Hizzzigh on the slim pickens from my pumpxkin patch, ground it up with some stems, and some keef in the coffee grinder, smoking through the carnival glass KTP (Kaos Thick Pipe).   Peace, my bitches – KM

Attire: underdressed in new white spandex low-rise boy shorts, and white 42A bra under sweats and T-shirt, running shoes (hey, I’m getting ready to work out.  Don’t laugh, it’s still dead sexy – xo).

Relationship status:  She’s a cold hard tombstone, babes.  Get used to it, or get out, right?  When you free your mind, you are free (and, as Junior said in the movie Platoon, the ass will follow).

Throwing down a gauntlet of my own . . .



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