tonight, before the journey

High as mint julep in May, here I sit, legs crossed properly, sexy as a june bug, my pleasingly durable pink toenail polish pinking out from the black leather 3 1/2″ heel peep-toe Sarah Jessica’s.   Ungh, I so wanted to find a picture for you – I will repost a suitable pic later, one of my own, do make me remember.   I especially love these shoes because I can fit an honest size 11 (honey, that is so big for me, you have no idea!).  They’re just roomy, I guess, in a very very good way.  Bare feet and legs (recently shaved), in my gorgeous tight black leather dress pants (found at Mega Thrift for like $6?), and a long-sleeved red lace over sleeveless red silk tee blouse, glasses on ready for bed.  No other adornment.  Oh, overall lace hiphugger panties, nothing left to guess.  This is where I left off, sorry, I was just very extremely naughty.  On the road tomorrow – kisses!




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