President’s Day: Smooth legs, and planting time

After a rigorous 90 minutes of adult league soccer scrimmage yesterday afternoon, temps in the high 50s and clear skies, I returned home to the Jacuzzi tub for a good soak, and a super clean shave of the legs up to my tuckus with a fresh Schick Quattro and Gillette Foam shaving cream (I find these provide best results, and less skin irritation than Kirk’s Castile soap in the shower).  A good rubdown of my freshly-shaved legs from my toes up to my generals with Jergens lotion for moisture and to lessen any close calls with the razor.  Um, delicious hedonism.

The pretty laughable federal holiday today nevertheless opened up in front of me this morning.  Spouse is at work, I awakened on time to make her a fresh pot of coffee for her morning commute, feed the dog, let the cats out on the screened-in porch out back for some breezy air.  I then gathered up some potting soil from the garage, and located the packets of seeds I purchased at the garden center with great hope earlier this winter, and strolled across the backyard garden to the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is our major addition to the house and garden, contructed on a brick foundation that matches our home’s exterior shortly after we purchased “the ranch” and moved in.  It is a small but adequate 10×15 glass and aluminum kit from the Netherlands where I keep my orchids alive through the not at all tropical winter here in the Piedmont, North Carolina.  It costs about $140/month from November through April to keep it heated and watered — glass is not a good insulator, so there is a lot of wasted energy there.  I am looking to apply some passive solar solutions to become more efficient.

I added the soil to some large plastic, and a terra cotta planter saucers, watered the soil in, and made neat rows with the tip of a plant tag.  I planted seeds fir onions, buttercrunch and leaf lettuce, arugula, radishes, jalapeno peppers, Roma tomatoes, Danvers carrots, homemade pickles cucumbers, and several flowers, including Irish Eyes Rudbeckia, Sweet Pea, and Delphinium.  I also surveyed the vegetable garden, still in clutter from last autumn.  Soon I must pull the stepstones I laid on the soil to weave a path to the crops in the rear of the garden bed.  I will remove the tomato cages, pull last season’s tags from the dirt , add some topsoil, till in the organic matter and say some Bright incantations over the renewed soil to express my genuine hope for a fertile season and a blessed harvest.  The evening and early morning clouds begin to give way to warming sunshine shortly after 8:00am, warming the hothouse with natural energy.   The heat and humidity inside warms my body, while the joy of planting, of giving life to the silent soil once again fills me with its own energy.  I don’t hurry a labor of love.  I’m really looking forward to a fresh radish.

Mood: relaxed but depressed at my situation.  Enjoying  an easy buzz.

Attired: in my Norton McNaughton sleeveless silver-gray knee-length dress, 42A bra and bust enhancer beneath, beautiful bare legs, 3-1/2″ black high heels.  No other adornment.  I feel beautiful, inside, and out.

Wet kisses – KM


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