A long slow, leisurely bath

My post soccer match soak in the Jacuzzi, a fresh Schick Quattro Titanium disposable and Gillette Series Foam shave cream left me with silky smooth legs.  The SQT is fast becoming my favorite no-nick shaving implement, and I have tried other multi-blade razors that haven’t stood up to my fur.  I find my best results if I shave in both directions — an acceptable use, per the manufacturer, though not recommended for the unsteady of hand.

Thighs first, primarily downstrokes from my perineum toward and around the knee. I shave up first on the backs of my thighs (very tender), then gently down if my skin is not irritated.  Downstrokes below the knee first, down to my toes, then reversing direction, and doing a gentle sweep of the knees to ensure a soft touch.  Across my belly and around the navel, across my chest, then downstrokes from my shoulders toward each areola, taking care not to nick the tender nipple.  Actually around the breast is easiest with the electric shaver, when I touch up midweek.  Jergens Ultra Healing lotion post shave for moisture and a soft touch.  I really enjoyed this routine the second Sunday in a row, a very feminine time for me.  Trying not to be too analytical about it, I just figure that if this makes me happy, I will do it.  If I am going to do it, I’ll find the best way to do it for me, and do it well.

Attire: black bikini bottoms, gray heather sweatpants, Planet Pink toes (in need of a refresher coat, now), white sportbra filled to the brim with my size 8 silicone breast forms.  Hemp and bead mushroom necklace — yes, very hippy, thank you, black onyx earring.

Came into some fresh ditchweed this weekend from a benefactor, so bonghits are the word tonight.  That and some Warsteiner Dunkel, and KM is feeling frisky with her oh-so-smooth thighs, calfs and ankles.  Shaved my belly and chest too, underarms.  Mm, I feel clean as a whistle, yet a little dirty at the same time.

Kisses!  KM


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