Daffodils in bloom, an early bridal shower

Piedmont North Carolina is socked in with thunderstorms and moderate to heavy rain, this first March weekend.  I baked buttermilk biscuits and ham for SO and a couple ladies in the neighborhood who gathered in celebration of K’s upcoming nuptials.  I remember that whirlwind of activity the last several months before my own.  Crocuses, daffodil, weeping pussy willow, royal star magnolia, not yet the quince are in bloom this weekend.  The corkscrew willow is leafing out all week.  Yet the weeping cherry trees know that winter is still all about, their buds dormant, and tight.  The rain beats down, the grass is beginning to green.  Unsettled, this late winter day.  No soccer, just a nice rainy day to sit around the house in my ladies things, get a little high, listen to some music, and write.  Ben Folds Five — Whatever and ever . . .

kisses – KM


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