Anger was boiling over inside today, but at root I have only myself to blame.  Missed out on some leftover from ’10 paid time off because of two reasons.  One, completely my fault.  The other, well, completely my fault too.  Dammit.  I was furious at the man for a moment, then realized I’d done it to myself.  That, and he was a complete tool about it.  That’s what irked me at first.  Then, introspective as I am, easily found myself entirely to blame.  That’s all I can really say about it.

Angry skies darkened my already green-tinted, reflective office windows this afternoon, bringing nightfall on with a downpour too early this afternoon.  Soccer practice canceled, I met SO for early dinner at a local autentico churrasqueria.  Carumba.  While usually excellent, they were a little off tonight, and just so-so.  Still flavorful, but unfortunately my tacos de carne asada were served in a soft flour, rather than the much-preferred soft corn tortilla, and the steak was a little overdone.  Usually they are served partly assembled, on a platter under foil, with a dash of fresh cilantro, and diced onion tucked in with the beef.  But tonight at Pancho Villa, they were naked, the cilantro and onion served on a platter on the side, with the requested hot sauce (at least they got that right).  I requested, but the pico de gallo never arrived.  The unsweetened tea was strong, a little bitter in a good way, and cold, but the flavor didn’t stand up to three Splendas, my preferred sweetener.

Attired: black spandex mini boy short under Adidas sweats, black 40d bra under Champion sweatshirt.  My legs did not get a hottub shave this week, so they’re getting shaggy.  I’m torn — soccer league starts in a week, but I’ve played a few games in bare legs, and nobody said a thing to me.  Not that they would.  More importantly, the after-work golf league begins in a few weeks, and I don’t think I can allow the boys to see me with shaved legs where once there was hairiness.  Indecision.  I could probably get away with one more good shave before I have to worry about growing it back again.  Plus, I can keep doing my thighs down to just above the knee, and my other furry parts.  Listen to me.  I’m going to miss shaving.

Smoking some ditchweed tonight, to put it kindly.  My plants have been recovering nicely the past two weeks since my benefactor put me in touch with about a two-week supply, smoking every night to moderate excess.  The new seedlings are coming along swimmingly.

Kisses — KM


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