Our brothers in Japan, and my makeup

This time will pass for the Japanese people, but earthquakes and tsunami are good reminders that our existence on this planet is a happenstance, and a fragile one at that.

I shaved my legs thoroughly last night after a long day in the garden, cleaning up and composting last year’s debris and spent foliage.  Our old seed pods were shaken over the beds, perhaps some interesting hybrid Japanese Iris will grow for next year.

I worked on makeup too, after a clean facial shave in the shower.  Eyeliner on both lids — a look that is really too dark for my brooding eyes, but it was how I felt.  Dark blue shadow on my lids, black mascara applied thickly to lengthen my thin lashes.  Eyebrow highlighter under the brow, a brown eyebrow pencil to provide a little emphasis on the arch.  Creme foundation, finishing powder, no blush.  I would have used blush, but I couldn’t find it.  Hmm.  That’s not good.  Lipstick, pale pink.  My I look so different, yet it’s still me — me as I wish I could be.

Attired: brown bikini hi-cut cotton panties, 42A white frilly bra, because it fits my natural breast just so, cradling the breast, holding it firmly and even moving with me so that when I walk the dog with only this bra on under my sweatshirt it doesn’t abrade my nipples.

I am so concerned for the safety of the people of Japan, the images are heartbreaking, and they scare me.  The ongoing threat of disaster at Japan’s nuclear  facilities, is riveting, and terrifying.

In spite of beautiful weather, I did not get a motorcycle ride this weekend.  Very sad!

Kisses – KM


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