Read between the lines of the press reports from Japan, and you understand that they are rapidly hurtling toward a human and environmental catastrophe caused by an utter failure of technological and engineering imagination and execution by human beings.  Japan’s entire population, and perhaps human habitation spread across a much broader area, perhaps even worldwide, are now at risk of an explosive, full-blown nuclear conflagration.  I have dreaded this since I was a young child, growing up in Ronald Reagan’s meaner, nastier Amerikkka.  At age 14, I wrote the President a letter urging him against dragging the USA into a future in which we were the globe’s leading purveyor and proponent of nuclear weapons.  This could be “The Day After” for Japan and its people.

The Associated Press reported this evening:  (40 mins ago FUKUSHIMA, Japan) Japan suspended operations to prevent a stricken nuclear plant from melting down Wednesday after a surge in radiation made it too dangerous for workers to remain at the facility.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said work on dousing reactors with water was disrupted by the need to withdraw.

The level of radiation at the plant surged to 1,000 millisieverts early Wednesday before coming down to 800-600 millisieverts. Still, that was far more than the average

“So the workers cannot carry out even minimal work at the plant now,” Edano said. “Because of the radiation risk, we are on standby.”

Experts say exposure of around 1,000 millisieverts is enough to cause radiation sickness. — Excerpt courtesy AP, by ERIC TALMADGE and SHINO YUASA, Associated Press Eric Talmadge And Shino Yuasa, Associated Press

If you are interested in a motorcyclists view of the damage wrought at Chernobyl in Russia, I found this report fascinating.  It is a good long read, but worth it.

Attire:  Black hipster panties, black corsetbra, black silk nightie with lace top, lace hem.  Out of ditchweed, so slumming it with the last of not very sticky leaf leftover from Sunday’s pick.  Time for another pick, hopefully the plants will be a little more stressed and produce more ‘juice’.  I may need to get really, really high if we have a core meltdown and steam explosion.

Kisses – KM


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