First day of spring (Northern Hemisphere), and a high heel-inspired “cure”

A spa tub bath is on the agenda for tonight, post-soccer / futbol match this afternoon.  The legs need a good shave (saying wth until golf season begins in a few weeks), and the toenails need maintenance and some color: Planet Pink is pretty well gone now.

I spent an hour or so weeding in the garden after soccer.  Now, in addition to a tender calf muscle, I have an aching lower back, and my glutes are very sore.  The calf held up today, even though it has been trying to cramp all week.  Yesterday, in fact, I felt it pull and strain while just moseying along, and I figured I was toast for this afternoon’s game.  So I went on a 24 hour campaign to set it right as it could be.  First, I have been taking calcium supplements for several years, but recently I ran out of supply.  So I stopped taking it for a month or so.  The muscle cells and fibers need a steady supply of calcium to function correctly, and they also need sodium to prevent cramps.  I purchased Calcium/Magnesium Zinc tabs and took the maximum dose yesterday (3x1000mg Calcium) and today too.  I began to hydrate last night, and did some massage on the muscles of my lower leg.  I also wrapped a heating pad around my leg, with a tube sock between the pad and my skin, and secured it with an ace bandage.  Bad idea – the skin on my calf had blistered slightly by this morning.  It was still tender, though, and I felt there was some danger of a pull if I tried to run on it.  So I threw in one last trick — high heels.  I pulled a cute pair of Touch of Nina 3-1/2″ black heels out of my closet, and walked around the house in them for about 20 minutes before I left for the game.  I have found in the past that walking in high heels works different muscles than flat shoes, and I have noticed, anecdotally of course, that wearing my high heels can work out a sore calf muscle.  Walking in my soccer uniform, black adidas shorts and a white Nike blouse with my bare legs and heels felt a little unusual, but honestly, it is a cute look!  It got me thinking about Adidas Women’s fashion . . .    So I took out some high heel ankle boots and drove in them to the game (about 30 minutes).  I changed into my soccer boots when I arrived at the pitch.  I brought water with a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and I drank a Sprite on the way to the game (65mg Sodium). The result of all this focused effort was that my calf muscles were significantly less sore today, and I played about 60 of the 90 minutes of the match, running full speed, kicking goal kicks beyond midfield.

Tonight, it will be all about the boobs, and I did a nice pick this afternoon where I took nothing but pinch tops.  Hopefully will be a bit more psychedelic than the lame of late.

Achh.  Wading into another Mideast Adventure it is, eh?  We just can’t seem to stop killing.

Kisses – KM


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