Dolled up

In spite of the onrushing golf/short season, and against my own protestations the past few days, I gave myself a nice close shave from my hips down to my toes tonight.  This morning, I shaved chest, lower back, belly, bikini area, underarms.  Tonight, dolled up in Old Navy Collection stretch lil’ black dress, DKNY silver diamond pattern tights, parts tucked tight into a shaper foundation panty to flatten my bulges, so to speak.  It’s OK “Prom” 5-inch spike heel, sterling western “squash blossom” earring, and a silver starfish on a thin chain that mom bought for SO, but that she promptly regifted to me — likewise the cat/onyx bracelet the year before.  Crossdressing can be a little strange.  Stay away from it in earnest for a few days, and it comes back like a wave.  I feel pretty tonight.

mood: slight buzz, plants are in dormancy at moment, gathering strength for the spring bloom I will force in a couple more weeks.  Smoking like a fiend, barely a buzz.  Good thing I like the taste anyway, she says.

Kisses – KM


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