the futbol thing

I’m crazy for futbol (soccer in American), I have been since I was a child.  I started playing at about age 7, played organized league in Northern Virginia until age 16, when my longtime teammates threw in the towel for league soccer in favor of high school ball, or not at all.  I ran track and cross country, tried out for the soccer and tennis teams, but played no more organized ball until age 41, when  neighbor invited me to come out with his over-40 league team.  The FIFA World Cup last year was a real treat, and one of the honest-to-goodness reasons I finally gave in and purchased a flat panel plasma HDTV.  I played two sessions of rec-league coed (oh, loved that) indoor soccer this winter, first time ever.  I am assisting a neighbor who coaches his U11 boys (Challenge level) team.

Of course I wear my panties when I play, usually spandex boy shorts, because they, well support things, and my toes don’t get unpainted when I lace up my cleats.  My shaved legs have not been a point of reference for anyone so far.  I am not letting them get furry again because of the soccer, but because the guys at work that I golf with have a certain image of me that I’d like to maintain.  It is good to have a few friends at work.

Every time I have a ball nearby I’m playing around with it (always outdoors, never in the house), during the U11 practices (had one tonight), when not instructing or assisting with a drill, I’m always dribbling my ball, juggling it, striking at the goal, keeping a foot on it.

I missed the local screening for Pelada (a movie about a couple that travel around the world looking for pickup soccer matches wherever they land) during the River Run Film Festival in Winston-Salem (2011 series begins next week!), but clips are available on youtube – look it up – a really neat, and inspirational independent film.

I’m high, but I’m writing because I wanted to tonight (not because I feel wedded to writing once a week per my pledge at the beginning of the year, seriously – it is a nice motivator, and reminder, but I’m not stifled by it one bit.  As you may gather looking back on my last post, last week was difficult in a lot of ways, and it wasn’t in me to commit what I was feeling to words).  A lot of this is that I wanted to do something positive, and I even tried to say positive things to people around me today.  God I love soccer.  I’d love to put my hair in a bouncy ponytail, strap on a jogbra  and play for a women’s league team, but playing coed is sweet in that way, summer and indoor leagues.

Y’all stay sweet – Kisses, KM


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