Phoning it in

Sorry, I didn’t mean to phone it in last night, but I got tripped up by the 1-week rule.  Dammit.  I hate that, but I did write and I did share something meaningful from my life.  It wasn’t what I would have wanted to write.  What I wanted to write, but at 11:45pm decided instead to phone it in, was something along these lines.

I’m smoking most of what’s left of a hogleg rolled by a compatriot, a fellow 420 celebrant, and a super nice person to boot.  Wearing my just-right-tight hot pink Champion women’s workout shorts, waistband folded over top, of course.  Undredressed in pretty black spandex boy shorts, aforementioned white 42A lacy bra, no shirt, plus my hippie hemp and blue bead necklace.

Work finally has me burned out, I fear, as the grind is beginning to wear on me.  Our interns finished up last week, so that should help me catch up some.  A little motivation to stay past 6:00pm would help, but not finding any at present or not caring enough to look too far past my own wristwatch for the extra I need to work as hard as I’m capable.  We’ve been working at an accelerated pace now for about 2-1/2 years, and that’s about the limit of what I can do I think.  Well, if I want to keep smoking bones on a daily basis, anyway.  Ah, I am but a woman, ruled by her passions.

Trying to prepare mentally and physically for our futbol match against the best team in the league this Sunday.  I am starting to get focused on it already.  I will rock Sunday.

Better?  I like a little honesty much more than just phoning it in.

Kisses – KM


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