Down once, ride your limit

Seen in an avatar of a fellow rider.  So much meaning packed into that tight declarative.  As someone who has been down (twice, now) before, it means he and his bike have hit the pavement hard, often a deadly occurrence, but if you wear your protective riding gear, and you’re on the ball, going down isn’t always the end — you get another chance, in other words.  I’m all about second chances, after all.  Riding your limit is an interesting phrase.  In one sense, it may mean ride all out, up to the limit.  But what it means in context is, when riding with a pack of experienced riders, you don’t ride to the limit of your companions on the road (who may be well advanced in riding skill compared to you), you ride within your own limits.  Helps keep you alive.  This is who I am, this is what I do on a motorcycle.  In panties and a bra.

Kisses – KM


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