Our wedding anniversary

Number 19, I emailed her unexpectedly this morning and asked her out to lunch (out at the hacienda), and made a firm plan for dinner.  I was johnny on the spot for my baby.  My plan is to head for bed now, wearing skimpy panties and my cutest nightie.  I figure, she obliged on our wedding night, it’s the least I can do to return the favor.  I love her, will always.  Sometimes it hurts.  Other times it feels good to be thoughtful about someone else’s needs, regardless whether there is reciprocation, appreciation, acknowledgement.




One response to “Our wedding anniversary

  1. brucekrystynam

    Oh, she went to bed early with a headache, so my pretty outfit didn’t go over at all, let alone well. She didn’t seem to like it so much this morning. She’s been in a foul temper this evening . . .

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